A Filigree Folding Screen


What a beautiful background for the parlor! The lithograph prints are held in place with metal latches that bend to grip the card. The children are wearing pastel period clothing of the 19th century. One little girl is feeding a bird while another child is holding a kitten. A boy dressed in trousers, with long curly hair is holding a bouquet  of flowers.  The filigree work around each picture is soft metal and has a asphaltum brown wash on it. It is delicate and all intact but must be handled carefully. The screens are attached with the original green ribbons and the supporting feet are all in place. This piece was made by Babette Schweizer in the 19th Century.


Measurements: 5-3/4h. x 6-3/4w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $595


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