Wonderful Ivory Display Stand
This intricately carved ivory stand with all its carved objects makes a superb piece for a parlor or any room in the dolls' house. It can also be hung on a wall as a hanging shelf unit. It blends well with almost any of the antique furnishings used in a victorian house.
There are three shelves with turned posts. A few of the tiny pieces are missing but you actually have to hunt to find them. There are four good photos and views of each shelf to show all the tiny carved objects. You will see such delicately carved pieces such as a vanity mirror, a clock, candlesticks, vases, ewers, coffee pots, bowls, trays etc. An ideal piece for a large manorial house!
Measurements: 6" h. x 2-5/8" w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD

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