A Tynietoy Telephone Set


This set consists of a square table with a shelf underneath, a telephone, a telephone book and a Chair.  The candlestick telephone sets on the table with the phone book tucked  inside the shelf. This chair is considered the telephone set chair and is marked Tynietoy. The phone book has a piece of wire that goes through the punched hole in the upper left corner. The wire is then attached to one of the front legs so it doesn’t get lost. Some of the pages are printed with the address of the Tynietoy Company. (Note: they spell Tynietoy---Tinetoy in the phone book). In the back of the book are addresses for “Gift Shops”, “Wholesale Gifts”, “Toy Manufacturers” and “Wood Workers”—all Tynietoy addresses.  The last page Perhaps the factory area was at one address and a shop to sell from was at another address. Very Interesting. This is how we gather dates on the Tynietoy company as to what places they were located in.


Measurements: Table is 2-3/4”h.x 1-3/4”w. Telephone chair is 2-1/2”h. Phone is 1-1/2”h.; Phone book is 1” x 1”

Circa: 1920’s- 1930’s

Price: Phone Table = SOLD; Chair =$50; Phone = $30; Phone book = $25


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