Accessories for Tynietoy


This grouping shows a soft metal stand with two trays attached to a carrier. This would be great to display food  or to keep things on in the kitchen.  The trays have flowers with a black background. The next item is a round tray with flowers, trimmed in the soft metal with handles and has an isinglass cover to protect the print. (The same for the stacking stand). The third item is a small round metal piece that holds two goblets, a shaker in glass with a top to sprinkle sugar or salt. There are two goblets and hanging on the rack above are two spoons! (My idea: two goblets for ice cream, a shaker for sprinkles and two spoons to eat it all). Neat piece.


Measurements: Carrier with trays- 3-1/4h. x 1-3/4, the round tray is 1-3/4 in diameter, the goblets, shaker and spoons on a tray is 1-3/4h.x 1-1/2 in diameter.

Circa: 1920s-1930s

Price: Two shelf carrier = $45, Tray- SOLD; Tray with goblets, etc. = SOLD


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