1.     Ormolu dinner gong with mallet- 3h. x 2w.                              Price: SOLD

2.     Ormolu Double Inkwell with bottles- h. x 2w.                        Price: $195

3.     Small Display cabinet with Celluloid Door- 3-3/4h. x 1-5/8w. Price: $35

4.     Black telephone for calling servants- 1h. x 1-3/4w.                  Price: SOLD

5.     Lamp with globe- 2-1/2h.                                                           Price: SOLD

6.     Soft metal birdcage with planters- 4-5/8h.x 3w.                       Price: $125

7.     Jewelry Case- 1h. x 1-3/8w. x 1-1/4d.                                    Price: $50


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