Accessories #2


1.     Soft Metal basket with lining- used for storing sewing pieces- 1-3/4h. x 1-1/4    Price: SOLD

2.     Austrian Bronze Plant in ormolu plant holder- 1-3/8h.                                          Price: $95.

3.     Tiny ormolu magazine rack 1-1/8h.x 7/8w.                                                        Price: SOLD

4.     Ormolu mirror- beautiful frame, age spots on mirror-  3- h. x 2-3/4w.               Price: SOLD

5.     Three green bottles in holder 1-3/4 x 2 w.                                                             Price: SOLD

6.     Gilt metal plant stand filled with plant material- 3-1/2h.-dia. of bowl- 1/3/4-      Price: SOLD

7.     Square ormolu clock with porcelain face - 2h. x 1w.                                               Price: SOLD


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