An Unusual Bathroom Set


This bathroom set is adorable! I first saw it in one of the dolls’ houses at the Children’s Museum. Later, I had a chance to buy the set. As you are viewing the set, notice how the tub has feet that actually move and represent an animal’s foot. All of the pieces have piping behind or under every fixture.  There is delicate painting of flowers on each piece and great faucets. The toilet has a button to push and a toilet paper holder on the side. This was sold by FAO Schwartz of Philadelphia, PA.


Condition- some slight paint loss.

Measurements: The tub is 2”h. x 6” w. (add ¾” for faucets).  The toilet, including the back of it, measure 4-1/2”h. x 3” w. The basin4-1/4”h. x 2-5/8”w.

Circa: 1920’s

Price: $250


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