Misc. Miniatures


Photo 1: (2 Lamps with pot metal bases and glass globes /Compote)

 > Tallest lamp is 2-3/4h. Price: SOLD

 > Smaller lamp is 2-1/2h. Price: SOLD

 > A lavender glass compote 1-3/8h. Price: SOLD

Photo 2: Small Accessories

 > Fancy ormolu candle holder - 5/8h. x 1w. Price: SOLD

 > Ormolu Blotter h. x 1w. Price: SOLD

 > Pair of Ormolu Goblets -1h. Price: SOLD

Photo 3: Ormolu Bowl w/ Fancy Cover -3/4h. x 1" diameter Price:  SOLD

Photo 4:

> Ormolu Umbrella Stand w/Umbrellas - 2-1/2h. Price: $60

> Ormolu Stand with top that has an impressed design of a warriors head- 2-1/4h. Price: SOLD

Photo 5: Art Deco Ormolu Fireplace w/Pendulum Clock- 4-3/4h. x 3-1/8w. Price: SOLD

Photo 6: Parlor Set - Sofa 2h. x 4-1/4w. Price: $110



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