Eight Items of Ormolu and Soft Metal  - on Consignment


These items are sold separately and consist of: A soft metal/tin religious icon, a planter, an ormolu side table, a soft metal hamper or sewing holder, an ormolu chamber stick, a small and a tall Art Deco tables. A large mirror attached to a chest with cover.


1. Religious cabinet with doors that open to show Christ & his two disciples- Nice to hang in a hall or in a bedroom. 3-1/2h. x 2-1/4w. Price: $60

2. Two ormolu Art Deco tables- smaller one -1-1/2h. diameter- 1-3/4 Price: $40. Taller table- 2-1/2h. diameter-1-3/4 very nice Price: SOLD

3. Flower box; 3 plants in pots in soft metal painted gold 1h.x 2-1/2w.; Flowers are made of fabric Price: SOLD

    Soft metal hamper- 2-1/4h.- diameter-1-1/2 Price: SOLD

4. Ormolu chamber stick- small handle goes around and pushes the candle up as it burns -1-3/8h. Price: $95 

    Ormolu side table w/paper insert- 2-1/4h. x 3w. Price: SOLD

5. A grand ormolu mirror attached to chest that opens; nice for entrance hall to hang hats on hooks and put boots, etc. in 6-5/8h. x 3-3/4w. $195


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