A Small Silber- Fleming Dolls’ House

This house, like some other Silber-Fleming houses,  is known as a box-back house. The entire house on the exterior and interior is in original condition. The front latches on to a box behind it.  The front façade is an orange painted brick with tan colored quoining. There is a long painted green balcony on the second level with a decorative tin railing. On the first floor is a single door entrance with an original latch on it, fluted columns and steps going down to the ground level. There is also a little peaked roof over the entrance. The front base is painted green, I suppose to resemble grass. There are five windows with trim on the top and window sills at the base. All the lace curtains are original too.


One characteristic  of these houses is that the front is higher than the box back.

The interior has two wallpapered rooms and floors. The bottom floor is papered in a soft green/blue with tan and has the frame of a fireplace on the back wall. There are some cream colored paper strips at the top. The second floor is has pink wallpaper with a border of flowers at the top. On the inside wall that opens the house is large printed wallpaper of flowers and greenery that extends up to the top of the building, thus exposing the wallpaper on the back of the peak of the house.


The house is in very good condition considering the age.

Measurements: 23-1/2”h. x 14”w.x 11”d. (which includes the front extension of grass)

Circa: 1840

Price: SOLD



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