Dresser Scarves, Pillows, and Lamp


These handmade items consist of a long linen dresser scarf the blue stitches along the edges with two shorter pieces matching, a long cream colored dresser scarf with a hand-stitched border and raised designs of flowers and a grasshopper in the center, two pairs of crocheted dollies, and a pair of yellow and white  crocheted pillows that are reverse in colors on the back and a needlepoint pillow in blue with a pink rose in the center with little rose buds around it.


Lastly, is a little lamp with a wooden base painted navy blue and a shade made of a heavy paper that sets around a metal center.

Measurements: The longest dresser scarf is 5 (this could drape down on the sides of a dresser), the lamp is 1-3/4

Circa: 1920-1930

Price: The linens and pillows etc- $40. The small lamp- $45.


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