A Selection of Miniature Furnishings


1. Three round tables with glass tops- in green, in blue and clear. 1-3/4h. SOLD!

2. Penny sewing machine. 3h. x 2-7/8w.  SOLD!

3. Tray of liquor with two glasses 1-1/2 to top of Scotch bottle x 3 long. SOLD!

4. Square umbrella stand-  (cane with dog head, brass cane, glass umbrella)   2-1/8h. Price: $80.

5. Parrot on a stand. Soft metal stand, very delicate- 4h. x  1-5/8. SOLD!

6. Green tin hat stand-  5-1/2h. SOLD!

7. A Bronze clock on legs- opens to hang something inside- little hook up at the top inside- 3-7/8h. x 2-1/2w. SOLD!

8. Art Nouveau Ormolu vase beautiful- 1-5/8h. Price- $70.

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