A Set of Furniture-by Paul Leonhardt
This set of carved furniture has three more pieces added to complete the set. We now have the display cabinet, sofa and footstool to add to the round marble table, two arms chairs and two side chairs. The furniture is painted white and highlighted in gold. It is decorated with a silk fabric of a cream background with small little flowers and leaves. There is trim work around the fabric on the backs of the chairs and sofa. Although the furniture looks of a much earlier period, it was made in the 1920's.
Measurements: Table- 4" h. with a diameter of 4".
Arm chairs- 5-1/2" h.
Side chairs- 5"h.
Display cabinet- 8" h. x 4" w.
Sofa- 5-3/4" h. x 5" w.
Price: SOLD

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