An Outstanding Marklin Bed

This is a great bed for the nursery!  This could be used as a young child’s bed or for a baby as a crib. There are intricately made bars around all four sides painted in cream with the tops of the posts painted gold. There is a high bar also painted gold on the headboard and foot board. As you will see in one photo, one side of the bed comes down in order for a child to climb out easily. But both sides do come down too. There is an old mattress with a coverlet on top. A special pillow with some needlework with the initial “B” on it appears on one side.  When the bedding is removed, one can see the metal meshing that holds the mattress in place. This metal piece is removable. A special canopy came with the bed that has a hook on top so the cotton material and lace trim can be draped up high and can flow down the sides and back to the lower part of the bed. The drapery is lined in old silk and extends upward about 5”.  A remarkable piece for that special room!


Measurements: Bed is 6”h. x 6-1/8”long x 3-1/4”w. Drapery can be removed, but if used add another 5” above the bed. I would be happy to buy the drapery back if not wanted.

Circa: 1900-1920

Price: SOLD!


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