A four Branch Filigree Chandelier and Matching Sconces

This chandelier is quite different with its gilt brackets and Bristol globes with openings at the top that hold a glass chimney. I left the gold ribbon on it as it had been hung in another antique dolls’ house some time ago. The globes are all original and are more rare having the openings at the top. The decorative branches are certainly the epitome of the Victorian age and are mounted to a center post that has a bulbous center for them to attach to! The chandelier can be purchased separately from the sconces. The double sconces have the same scrolled branches that attach to a holder on the back wall. They are easily hung from the hook on top of the wall mount. Splendid set for the discriminating collector.

Measurements: Each bracket on the chandelier is 3”h. The width across two light fixtures is  3-3/4”. The wall mount on the sconces is 2-3/4”. The sconces protrude outward about 2”.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Chandelier is $650

          Sconces are both $295

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