A Rare Ebony Boulle Fireplace

A rare and unusual fireplace rarely seen in older collections.  I believe the last time I saw this piece was at the Mary Merritt Auction in Douglassville, PA. in 2007. We know there were two types of furniture, ebony and rosewood Boulle. The ebony furniture was made over a short period of time around 1850.  The rosewood furniture is reddish with a grain in it and has gold transfer work on the furniture. If it was made by Kestner, you would see marks written on the furniture that are the same as the item number in the catalog. 


The black lacquered furniture also has gold transfer work on the furniture.  The patterns of transfer work had animals such as birds, serpents, monkeys, and lions. There were also people, leaves and flowers. The decorations reflected the rural life of the people who made it. Some of the pieces were decorated with buildings and were found on table tops, sewing stands, etc.


This fireplace has a marble mantle and a tin insert that can be removed. The gold transfer work  is really quite simple with  mainly vines and scroll work on the columns and over the hearth area. This is an exquisite piece for the collector of early pieces so rarely found today.

Measurements: 4-1/2h. x 4-1/2w.

Circa: 1850

Price: SOLD


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