An Incredible Set of Furniture 
The set consists of 6 pieces of furniture plus the table settings. The sofa has a 3 part back cushion and the regular seat upholstered in a gold velvet. The elegant soft metal trim work is just splendid! On each front corner are cupids holding a garland. The curved sides are scrolled to the back of the sofa which has a shell in the center. The elegant sideboard has similar soft metal trim work with a shelf attached to the back. The cupboard doors open at the bottom and on the front and sides there is soft metal decoration that resembles picture frames! The sideboard has 4 small feet. Two side chairs have soft metal backs and legs in intricate designs. They are upholstered in gold velvet too. A little footstool goes to this set. The long trestle table is made of wood, stained in mahogany. The sides are in soft metal with an asphaltum wash. Lovely set of furniture!
Measurements: Sofa: 3" h. x 3-1/8" w., Sideboard: 5" h. x 4-1/2" w., Chairs: 2-3/4" h., Table: 2-1/4" h. x 4-3/8" x 2-1/4".
Circa: 19th century
Price: SOLD

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