A Fancy Tin Fireplace

The tin fireplace is in very nice condition with an outstanding mantle! The back of the mantle has cut out work in soft metal scroll work and at the center of this work is the head of an animal. Below the mantle, but attached to the mantle’s edge is fancy scroll work on all three sides with more elaborate work on the front corners. The hearth area is framed in another design of soft metal trim. The sides of the fireplace have molded columns. At the bottom of the hearth area, on the floor, is the grate to hold the logs. The fender wraps around the front and is held in place by two tiny prongs that fit into the holes in the hearth floor. A great fireplace for any room in your dolls house!

Measurements: Fireplace is 4-1/2” tall to top of scroll work. X 5-1/2”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $225 $125


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