A Boulle Vanity with Chair

The Boulle vanity is unusual with an oval mirror in the center of two flanking drawers. The gold transfer around the mirror is done in a very small checkered pattern while a square drawer flanks each side of the mirror.  The drawers do not pull out, they open like a cupboard. Gold transfer work appears on the top and front of the drawers. The drawers and mirror are made as a unit and are attached to elevated sides.  This offers an area to slide pieces under the drawers. The table to the vanity is elegant with beautiful transfer work on the table top and the cabriole legs below. The gold transfer work under the table top is scalloped and when pulled out we can now see a drawer which is almost hidden within the piece of furniture!! This would be an excellent place for jewelry, combs, brushes and a hand mirror. A fine piece for a bedroom. The last photo shows a delightful little chair, perfect for a vanity. It has padded arms and seat in a lavender silk. The back of the chair is most unusual with its striking form and gold transfer work.

Measurements: From the floor to the top of the mirror is 6-1/2x 4w. From the floor to the dressing table top is 2- 7/8, so the scale does not see so large!

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Boulle vanity: SOLD

          The Boulle chairs is SOLD


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