An Outstanding Folding Screen

Many years ago, I had seen a similar folding screen done in three sections with an asphaltum wash. But when I saw this one, it just took my breath away. Yes, the original has five sections of lithographed scenes mounted in sections whereby each one is on a heavy card and is set in place with prongs. The incredible filigree decoration that frames each panel covers the sides which are then wired together to form the five sections. But the decoration on top with all the open work makes a statement with its high peak in the center. Small delicate feet support the panels  (Note: One panel looks shorter, it is because the card got pushed up too high. It needs to slide down so it is the same level!)  An elegant piece for that special room in your dolls’ house!

Measurements: The screen is 5-3/4”h.x and when opened fully, it is 11-1/4”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD

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