The Art Nouveau Ormolu Umbrella Stand

This is a remarkable piece! First, letís take a look at the umbrella! The fabric is a damask rose that is partially closed so that each section can stand freely, like a deep pleat. The pleats are stiff so that they donít lose their shape. The metal handle is wound with tan colored light weight twine as is the edging on the umbrella.  The umbrella  stand has raised designs on the back support with a half circle holder to keep the umbrella in a standing  position. (Note: When you want to put the umbrella back on the stand, you must slide the handle up through ring to get it in place). The base is like a half round circle with impressed designs on the outer edge. It is balanced with one little foot on the front and the back support extends down from the base, creating a support. An outstanding piece!

Measurements: With the umbrella held in place and standing above the back support, it is about 4-1/4Ēh.

Circa: 1910

Price: SOLD

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