Extraordinary Boulle Dining Room Hutch

As a collector for many years of Boulle furniture, I just marvel at the unusual forms that I have seen and this is one of them! To begin with, we see two great cupboard doors at the base with the long narrow drawer above. The front corners are braced with carved or scalloped posts with sprawling feet. Then this same design of scalloped work extends above the large service area with cut out brackets to hold up each shelf! Then at the very top we see a carved finial on each end of the shelf. The form is just outstanding! The frosting on the cake is the amount of gold transfer work, just abundantly applied everywhere on the front of the hutch- on top of each shelf and between each shelf on the back wall. I don’t see pieces like this on the general market!

Measurements: The hutch is 7”tall to the top of the pediment! X 4-5/8”w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD


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