A Tall Gentleman with Top Hat

This dapper dude has quite an outfit, including a top hat! He is dressed in a black felt tux, has a shirt and bow tie, his jacket is opened to show his clothing and is  sewn in this position. The lapels were made of silk which is worn now, but his jacket does have the tux tails and his suit is very nice for the age of the doll. He is wearing black boots with heels. He has the traditional sewn body with sawdust and has bisque limbs and a finely made bisque head. He has blue painted eyes, single stroked painted eyebrows, a molded mustache, rosy cheeks and even has defined ears. His molded hair is a light brown and the top hat has been glued to the head. Quite a nice gentleman for your dolls’ house!


Measurements: 6-3/4” tall + add ¾” for hat

Circa: 1890

Price: SOLD!


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