Heavy Metal Dishes
This set of pot metal dishes look wonderful on a hutch or cupboard in a kitchen or dining room. I saw these years ago on a Gottschalk cupboard where the large soup tureens were placed on the top and the dishes were stacked on the work place below. The pieces might have been made by Gerlach of Germany. They are painted a creamy beige with a navy blue outline or decoration of the raised designs. The tureens are deep, have handles on the sides and a cut out base. The lids to the tureens enhance the pieces. There are two tureens with covers, an oval platter, a shallow serving dish with handles and four plates! A great set!
Measurements: Tureen is 1-1/4"h. (not incl. knob on top) x 2-1/4"w.
Circa: 1890
Price: SOLD

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