A Large English Dolls’ House – Circa- 1900



This dolls’ house has its original old red paint on the exterior with a slightly pitched gray roof and two large chimneys! There are 14 large windows on the front and a front door that opens.  An extended base around three sides could be used as a garden area.

This dolls’ house opens from the front to reveal 6 large rooms and 3 hallways. The maker of the dolls’ house cleverly put in a lock which can be viewed from the side by pushing a lever. So if you lock the front door which you would do first, from the back, you then can close the front and push the lever. Then It is all locked up! Each room has a fireplace with very nice old wooden stained floors, base boards and crown moldings. The doors in the hallways are stationary and do not open. The wallpapers are not original and have been replaced with appropriate patterns and colors.


Measurements: The dimensions on the exterior are: 45” to the top of the chimney

                               Counting from the platform around the bottom- 42-1/2 w.

                               First floor: Floor to ceiling is 11”h.

                               Second floor- Floor to ceiling is 11”

                               Third Floor – Floor to ceiling is 10”

                               The largest room on the 2nd floor is 19”w. Most rooms are 13”w. All rooms are 15-1/2”d. Hallways are 5-1/2”w.


Circa: 1900

Price: $1800

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