A Silber & Fleming Dolls' House



Measurements: 39”h. x 26”w. 17-1/2”d.

Circa: Early 19th Century

Price: SOLD


We know that Silber & Fleming dolls’ houses were made in England and that they were made over a long period of time. Starting in the early nineteenth century and continuing till the around 1880, we have seen the box-like houses in numerous styles and variations in structures,  and so many different sizes!

Some were quite simple while others were highly decorative and very large.


This particular box-back house has 3 stories with fireplaces in each room , six rooms with original wallpapers, a balcony on the second floor and like most of the houses, this one has a façade of stone on the first level and brick on the second and third floors. The front opens as one door and exposes the six rooms. The wallpapers seem to be in fine condition except for the kitchen which has some missing papers. The kitchen stove is also missing. You will also notice that the back of the door that opens the house also is wallpapered and has red cloth window shades. (Note: The little piece of wood on the front entrance, on the left column has been repaired).

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