English Lines Dolls’ House



This dolls’ house was made by the English company, G.J. Lines. We know that several different styles and sizes were made over a period of time from 1895 – to the 1920’s. As we examine this house, the bay windows on the first floor were very typical of certain Lines Houses. Some houses had more decorative trim and were more elaborately constructed. This smaller version does need some restoration by adding the brick paper for the first floor which is missing now. (I can help you with some brick paper). The “box” made construction should be painted the orange/brick color on the back as you can see it on the base. The black paint should be removed (you could try scraping the black off and possibly save the original paint). For the interior wallpapers, test each room by slightly moving back some of the papers to see if there are papers underneath.

     I would be happy to help anyone on this house and supply some of the papers needed.

Measurements: 12 1/4” d, 33”h. x 30 1/4”w

Circa: 1900-1920

Price: $950. Or best offer.

For further information, please email me at -antiquedh@comcast.net