Outstanding Boulle Parlor Set
This is the parlor set that is all complete and in fine condition! We don't see complete sets like these too often! We have the beautiful serpentine front sofa with elaborate scalloped back with highly decorative gold transfer work with padded arms and gilt paper trims. You will notice the nice padding on the back and seat of the sofa. All five feet are turned and intact. Even the black paper on the back is in fine condition. These sets included an extra large arm chair with a cut out back  and padded arms like the sofa.  Again, the gold transfer work is strong and clear, the silk on the padded seat is perfect and has all the gilt trim papers. The three side chairs have the cut out back like the arm chair, but in a smaller rendition. All the chairs have turned front legs and curved back legs. I also like the way the chairs have a slight scalloped front to their form that gives that extra detail and elegance.This set is one of the best sets I have sold in a number of years. A great addition to your special parlor in a dolls' house.
Measurements: The sofa is 4-1/2"h.x 7-1/2"w. The arm chair is 5-1/4"h. The side chairs are 4-5/8"h.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD



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