The Booklet - I Remember Tynietoy
From 1970-1988, Herb Hosmer was my mentor. His museum, The Toy Cupboard, located in Lancaster, MA, was a gathering place for collectors. It was his enthusiasm and love of dollhouses and miniatures that seem to draw people together and so it was that The Tynietoy Preservation Society was formed. Twice a year, we would get together to share our interest in Tynietoy by bringing our treasures to each meeting. It was incredible what we found, some things were so rare and we would huddle all around the dining room table to display our pieces. I photographed those pieces, kept notebooks of your treasures and did a newsletter each month so that we could all share this material. (I am thinking of putting those photos and information together for a notebook to share with you).
This pamphlet by Herb Hosmer is available for $10. You will learn how Herb was able to buy A Tynietoy mansion and furnish it. There are some black and white photos of the house and furnishings

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