Original Catalogs of Tynietoy

Collectors often would buy an original catalog in order to see when new items were being added from the Tynietoy Company. Photos could change from an early catalog to a later one. Collectors wanted to know when the Spanish Tynietoy furniture was introduced. Also, there are lists in the back of the catalog to inform you what pieces were made for each style of furniture. One would study the lists. What pieces were in the laundry room? What mirrors did Tynietoy make? Now one way to see the more unusual pieces will be to watch the “Tynietoy Treasures Album” on the Tynietoy section of the website. This will give you an opportunity to see pieces you didn’t even know that Tynietoy made. More photos are coming in and I hope that by looking at the photos and descriptions, you will enjoy learning more about Tynietoy.

Catalogs were printed in the 1920s.

Price: $45

Inquiries are best made by confirming the color of the catalog.

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