A Boulle Cabinet on Legs

This Boulle cabinet on legs has a wonderful door with mirror that has a cut out gothic design that covers part of the mirror (small crack in mirror on upper right corner). The top is this piece is recessed over the base which has lovely gold transfer work on the apron and legs. There are two faux drawers shown below the white banding. On three sides is gold transfer work done of climbing leaves on a vine. At the top is an arch with a fine finial that is all shown in the gold transfer work. When the door is opened, one can view the inside blue paper that covers the back wall, shelves and the back of the door.  I see this piece more in a dining room or parlor to store special glassware, Bristol dishes or sterling silver.


Measurements: It stands 6-1/4h.x 3-1/4w.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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