Large Magnificent Boulle Desk

The form of this desk is quite different from the more traditional desk with cubby holes.  This one has a lot more details; such as the curved marble front that juts out on the corners and gradually recesses in the center. The crowns on top of the flanking cupboards are smaller and have scalloped top scroll designs in the gold transfer work. Attached scalloped decoration appears on the sides of these flanking cupboards. There is a center pediment and two halves of other pediments that appear on the top of the cubby holes that now are smaller and have two levels. Below the marble writing surface, are beautiful curved drawers. The center drawer is curved inward while the two drawers on each side are curved outwards. A very impressive piece of furniture!

Measurements: 6-1/2h.x 6-1/2w. x3d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: SOLD!


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