A Rare Boulle Spinet


Spinets are keyboard instruments and are a sub-type of the harpsichord family. Life size spinets were made as early as the 17th Century. This dolls’ house piece was made in the 19th Century in Germany. I found it at an auction in London about 40 years ago. I have seen other spinets but not of this quality. It has been stained in rosewood and there is some gold transfer work on the front and top, which is mainly of lines outlining the shape of the spinet. The bulbous legs have a large leaf in gold that covers half the leg and then there are small leaves at the top of the leg under a gold band.


When you lift up the lid on top, it opens in two sections. The front of the interior is exposed and you can see the keyboard with depressible keys and above the keyboard we see two words in gold- “Walterhausen by Gotha”.  Walterhausen is a city in Germany and Gotha was the maker. When you pull the top off further, you will see all of the strings. The stool for the spinet can actually be raised and lowered by turning the top of the stool around. It has red leather and fringe on the sides.


Measurements: 3”h. x 6-3/8”w. x 3-1/4”d.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: Both items are SOLD!


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