Exceptional Boulle Secretary

This unusual piece has a lovely mahogany stain with gold transfer work from the top to the bottom on the front of this piece. I also have photos to show extra layering of wood that is found on the top and at the base of this desk. There is one drawer on top and then the drop front is a large piece of wood which one pulls down to enter the interior . As we peer inside one immediately sees the great border and mirror inside. Since the mirror is recessed, some decorative pieces could fit inside. Below is another highly decorative drawer. The original paper is aqua and it covers the sides inside and on the writing part of the desk. Below this area are three more large drawers.

This piece of furniture is one of the higher quality pieces made with Boulle decoration.

Measurements: 7"h. x 5"w.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: $450 $300


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