A Dollhouse Soldier

What makes a soldier special? First, one would want an original uniform with details such as emblems glued on the jacket, no moth holes, a well fitted uniform etc. This soldier is missing his hat. A gold ribbon across the chest signifies he is a General. When you look at the boots he is wearing, the bottoms of the boots are painted a bare beige. That means the boots are original to the doll. You may also notice that there are spurs attached to the back of the boots which sometimes help the soldier to stand on his own. This soldier also has a soft metal sword at his side. This soldier was made by the doll company Simon Halbig (P.S. I made a thorough study of soldiers their history, when they were made, etc. A special dealer of uniforms and weapons supplied me with lots of information. Most or all of my soldiers were found in the Spanish Dolls' House where I had a Conference Room for them!!!

Measurements: 7"
Circa: 1900
Price: SOLD!


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