Accessories for the Kitchen Room Box Circa 1920

These pieces are adorable. My favorite is the metal bread box which has a handle and slides up to open. It has some pretty art work on the lid.
It measures 1-1/2"h. x 2-1/2"w. x 2".
Price: $50

A metal box that is hinged and opens and closes. Probably used for storing food. Nice painting on the lid.
It measures 1"h. x 2-5/8" w. x 1-5/8"d
Price: $40

The next piece is an oval articulated bowl painted cream color with blue decoration.
It measures "h. x 3-1/8"w. x 2-1/8"d.
Used for displaying fruit or vegetables.
Price: $40

A metal cutlery tray used to store spoons, knives and forks. This is painted in cream, trimmed in blue. "Small size- could be used in a dolls' house kitchen.
It measures "h. (in the center- the divider is slightly higher) 2-1/4"w. x 1-3/4"d.
Price: $35


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