A Beautiful Boulle Cabinet

This piece would not be for a dolls' house unless you have ceilings that are over 18" high. I bought large pieces like this to decorate by placing it on a table next to a lamp, perhaps in a hallway! It was fun to find dinnerware that would look special inside the large scale furniture.

I actually met a collector who had several of these large pieces and I was able to buy some of them. The gold transfer work enhanced the pieces and this one cabinet was so lovely with its high center peak with smaller flanking ones below. The drawers below open easily and seem like they have never been touched. The interior has its original blue paper on the shelves and around the windows. I furnished this one with some porcelain dishes than enhanced the blue color. There are four doors that open for viewing the inside! All the original knobs in a silvery metal are there. All original black papers are on the sides and back.

Measurements: 17-3/4"h. x 14"w. x3"d.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: $1000


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