An Exceptional Boulle Leather Parlor Set

As you can see by the photos, the leather is just gorgeous! The backs of the chairs are unusual with a scalloped round top and an opening near the seat of the chair. The gold transfer work appears on all the chairs, but the backs are dark. The front legs are similar to a spindle leg. The back legs are solid, slanted and are part of the back of the chair. The sofa is outstanding! There is a padded back with wooden trim scalloped in the center! The sides are slanted blocks with leather. The trim work around the sofa is scalloped on the sides which extend downward to make a small foot! The center of the sofa has a padded leather cushion with a border of wood below with gold transfer work which is beautiful.

Measurements: The sofa is 4"h. x 7"long x 2-1/2"d.
Circa:19th Century
Price: $495 $395


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