Gottschalk Kitchen Pieces

Here are three matching kitchen pieces. The cupboard has lattice work on the two cupboard doors and has an additional two cupboards at the base. All of the pieces are painted a cream color and have a pale blue decoration on the top of each piece. Each section is outlined with a gold line. Pieces may be purchased separately.

Measurements: The cupboard is 8-3/4"h. x 5"w. x 2-3/8"d. The work table is 4"h. x 5"w. x 2-1/2"d. The double hanging shelf is 3"h. x 4-1/2"w. x 1"d. (It has string on the back for hanging)
Circa: 1920's
Price: The cupboard is $150. The work table is $50. The shelf is $30.


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