An Outstanding Bedroom Set

I have never seen this pattern before in the line drawings on the furniture. The half tester bed has a rectangular top with very soft green silk fabric for the side and front hangings. The bed curtains are pulled back and held in place by matching bows. Lace trimming is found on the curtains, at the top of the bed and on all the bedding. There is a quilt top on the bed and under the curtains you can see a circular mirror!! The line design in the bed is found on the top and all around the outside of the bed.

The dressing table has a circular cut-out where a bowl and pitcher have been placed. The top of the washstand has three enclosed sides and has gold trimmed paper. Four turned posts support the stand and a bottom shelf is found with turned feet below. A Towel rack has three poles to hang three towels on it. Very nice gold trimming on all the edges of this piece.

The dresser has a framed mirror and all the pieces including the framing of the mirror, the top to the bureau and the drawers and sides are all showing the line designs in this set of furniture.

There are three chairs with solid backs with the line drawings , four turned legs and the seats are done in the light green silk. Gold trim work is found around the seat and around the entire back of the chair.

Measurements: The bed is 5"h. x 3"w. x 4-1/4"long. The chairs are 3-1/2"h. The dresser with the mirror is 5"h. x 3-1/4"w. The washstand is 3-1/2"h. x 3"w. The towel rack is 2-1/2"h. x 2-1/2"w.
Circa: 1890-1910
Price: $1300


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