A Very Special Piece of Ormolu; A Teapot on an Ormolu Stand


This is one of those pieces you rarely see and which I purchased years ago. It was very expensive then too. As you can see there is a double hanger for the tea kettle so it balances quite straight. The lid does come off and the handle is quite decorative. I do not see any sterling silver marks. There is a little holder under the teapot done in ormolu which might be used as a cup holder. The round table top is very decorative with impressed designs that encircle the table, thereby creating three circles of various shapes. The table is mounted on a three leg stand. (Note: The legs match the post on the table that holds the tea kettle). A very special piece for display in a parlor.


Measurements: 5-3/4"h.

Circa: 19th century

Price $750


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