A German Parlor Set


This parlor set consists of the style in the 1920's of over-stuffed cushions with side arms . The sofa and chair are  covered in a tan velvet material. These pieces are in excellent condition. The framework is a dark stain mahogany that supports the arms and back of the sofa. There are for turned feet. (These two pieces are 100 years old but look like they never were touched).

Two additional pieces came with this set and can be bought separately.  They are a radio console and a rectangular table with nicely turned legs.


Measurements: Sofa is 3-1/2"h. x 7" long. Chair is 5-3/4"h.

Circa: 1920's

Price: $125


Additional furniture- a radio console and a rectangular table- Radio is 2-3/4"h. x 3"w. -$35; Table is 2-1/2"h.x 4"w.- $15


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