A Day Bed and Chaise Lounge with Three Chairs

A complete set with matching fabric in beige, pale green and a deep red. The day bed has rolled pillows (one on each end) with frame work on each side. A back wall is attached to the bed. A grand crown at the top is attached to the wall. Lovely drapery is extended from the crown top down to the sides of the bed. Fringe work is applied at the crown and to the base of the bed! A lovely chaise lounge has padding to the back where one sits back and on the long seat. The two matching salon chairs have padding throughout with matching fringe. A side chair has a padded seat with the same fabric and half of the back is covered to match.

Measurements: 7-1/4"h. x 4-3/4"w
Circa: 19th Century
Price: SOLD!


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