A Lady of Grandeur


This dollhouse lady is wearing a velvet brown gown with puffed sleeves, fitted waist, and folded layers of velvet just above a layer of lace.  The bottom of the gown flares out with a gathered pleated trim. The gown has a train in the back which doesn't show as the stand holds that up against her. The back of the gown has ribbons of a brownish color with rose and gold. Absolutely stunning. Her Victorian purse has rose silk with brown needlework and beads hanging on the bottom. (Note: She is wearing the same rose silk undergarments too). Her black shoes have a heel and two straps. Her hair has soft curls around the front with a bun in the back. An exceptional doll with outstanding clothing!


Measurements: 6-3/4"h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $700


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