A Rock and Graner Bedroom Set

The set includes a half tester bed, a night stand and a chest of drawers. I would almost say this could be a child's bedroom as the scale is small. The bed is outstanding as that finish is done so well to see the graining and blending of the black and brown. Two poles are inserted inside the bed that support the half round piece of metal at the top. A night stand has a long door that opens to a yellow-gold color interior. Last of all is a chest of drawers in which the door opens to expose a shelf inside making two levels.

Measurements: The bed is 6"h. x 5"long x 3-1/4"w. The night stand is 3-1/8"h. x 1-3/4"w. x 1-3/8"d. The chest of drawers is 2-3/8"h. x 1-5/8"d.
Circa: Early 19th Century
Price: SOLD!


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