An Exceptional Grandfather's Clock


I think this is a real clock that was adapted for a dolls' house.  The gold cast iron is outstanding and certainly is beautiful with the fine porcelain face on the clock which is done in Roman Numerals. The hands on the clock are long and delicate and they can be moved or changed for the time. Another dial on the back winds the clock to work! The glass over the clock face is beveled too. The wooden part of the clock is one piece of wood, stained in a reddish mahogany stain. The bottom of the clock has been modified to work against a wall in a dolls' house by removing the back legs, otherwise, it would stick out from the wall. A screw was placed in the wood at the bottom to balance the clock. It doesn't stand alone but must lean against the wall to stand. But I have to say, it has a great look!


Measurements: 10-1/4"h. x 3"w. at the widest point

Provenance: Mickie Haynes Collection

Price: $150


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