A Wonderful Complete Set of a Tynietoy Bedroom Set

In a Tynietoy catalog, this bedroom set is identified as "A Painted Set of Bedroom Furniture". However, some refer to it as the French Style set of furniture.

The bed has a headboard and footboard that is cut out as an oval with painted flowers and trimmed in a line of gold paint. The four posts have pineapple tops. A dressing table with a swivel mirror and long glove drawers on the top of the dressing table top. Four tapered legs and gold lines outline all the parts to this piece of furniture. A chair matches the dressing table. A wonderful sewing table with its original bag is in place. The top drawer pulls out and the drawer below shows how the sewing bag is glued around a hole to let the bag fall down through the opening. A rocker is also part of this set and could be placed around the bed.

This set of five pieces...

Measurements: Bed- 5-1/2" tall headboard x 4-3/8"w. x 6-1/2" long.
The dressing table is 5-1/4"h. x 4-1/8"w.
Circa: 1920
Price: $475


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