A Rare Tynietoy Piano with Music

This piano is stained in a rich mahogany stain and opens in a few different places. First, there is a cover that folds back to reveal the paper keyboard. Then a fancy cut out board lifts up to hold the music. Another board folds back to open the viewing of the interior of the piano A stick on the right side holds up the heavy lid! And then inside this piano is a music box. You will see 3 piano petals on a wooden stand attached to the piano. If you turn the piano over, you will see the music box key to wind the music box. An Impressed logo identifies the piano as made by Tynietoy.

Measurements: 7-1/4"long x 3-1/2"h. x 4-3/4"w.
Circa: 1920
Price: $225


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