A Boulle Cabinet on Legs

This piece of furniture is very unusual! Most all Boulle furniture has a dark background with gold transfer work in all kinds of designs! But this piece is just the opposite, it has the gold background and the mahogany brown is the design work. The base has short curved legs that resemble a lowboy!! A door with a mirror opens to reveal a bottom shelf and another shelf in the middle of this cabinet. The back of the mirror has its original blue paper. The top of the cabinet has a pediment with lots of scroll work and finials on the each of the two corners. A photo of the back reveals all the black paper which is original. A special piece for a parlor or dining room.

Measurements: 6-1/4"h. x 3-1/4"w. x 1-5/8"d.
Circa: 19th Century
Price: $250


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