A Rare and Wonderful Set of Boulle Furniture


I couldn't get all the furniture in one picture, so I had to split it up.

It is quite ornate in its design. The backs of the sofa and chairs have gold transfer work that include animals, scroll work, pillars with lights, and lots of foliage. The backs of the furniture have blue silk embedded in them. The seats are cushioned and all have fringe below and on the arm rests. The frame work has turned bead /like wood that secures the furniture.

This set has a three section sofa, two arm chairs and four side chairs. (The silk does show some wear as it is a very old set of furniture).


Measurements: Back of sofa is 5"h. x 7-3/8"w. x 2-3/4"d.; Arm chairs-5-1/4"h.; Side chairs- 5-1/2"h.

Circa: 19th Century

Price: $1500


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